Unemployed Husband, How You Can Cope?

Unemployment is one of the life most stressing event. Especially if the person is your husband, because it will also affect the rest of the family including you and your children.

Hence, as soon as possible after the job loss, you and your husband should sit down and strategy not only on the job hunt, but ways you can minimize conflict that come with unemployment stress.

The day ahead is not going to be easy. So put your heads together and come out with a plan!

Below is some of the tips on how you can cope when your husband is unemployed.

  1. Firstly, practice an altitude that treats Unemployment as temporary. It is not the end of the world!
  2. Control the unemployment stress, as it just make things complicated
  3. Assist him to plan out search for another job, but don’t be a career expert (unless if you do)
  4. Be honest with your children. Explain that everyone have to make a sacrifice such as cutting budget on shopping until dad find a new job
  5. Help your husband be positive altitude and prey together everyday for God’s provision
  6. Spend some time with yourself and your friends

Sooner or later your husband will find a job, insya Allah. He will climb back that ladder. But for now your job is hold the ladder and keep it steady while they work to climb that up.

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