How to secretly find a new Job?

Searching for a job while trying to stay employed is tricky. But if you manage it skillfully, you will be able to move on without burning bridges.

Firstly, if you want to search a job secretly, do not job search at your office. It is high likely your boss can see everything you do on your company computer, WiFi network, and even your smartphone. These resources are often monitored to protect the security of the network. Use your personal equipment and networks whenever possible.

Secondly, set up a job alerts. There resources available at to help you avoid being glued to the screen 24 hours a day in order to find a better opportunity. For instance, when you create a job alerts on job boards, opportunities will land in your inbox. It is a powerful tool to keep your job search moving forward while you are at work.

Thirdly, use former colleagues or clients as references. It is a bad idea to put current colleagues and managers as references on your job applications. Instead, these should always be strong contacts from your past that can vouch for you while keeping your search confidential. This is why it is important to always stay in touch with your former colleagues .

Lastly, do not openly post your resume on a job board. Since the dawn of job boards, employers have scanned them searching for their employees resumes. So, while posting a resume on a job boards or job search engines, keep your identity confidential. When possible, block your name from being visible, and disguise your current company name. For example, if you working for TMNET, instead write, “Malaysian Internet Service Provider (ISP).”

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