How to increase the Job view?

Below is the tips to increase the Job view
1. Update your Job description and requirement in details
2. Update your company information
3. Upload your company logo
4. Share the link to the Social network
5. Subscribe to our Featured or Premium package


How long the Job will be displayed before remove?

Free Job posting will be displayed for 10 days. If you wish to have longer period, please visit our packages webpage.


How to update my Company Profile?

1. Browse https://kerjaya.org
2. Login to your account. Please Register if you do not have one.
3. Click on “Member”-> “Employer” -> “Company Profile”.
4. Enter your company profile accordingly.
5. Upload company logo (optional)
6. Click “Save”.


How long I can store email in Draft?

Incomplete Job posting in Draft will be clear after 30 days

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