How to Choose a Career Path

Do you have problem to choose a  Career path? Are you affraid the Job that you’re interested is different with your potential?

In order to identify your potential including personality, interests, values and achievement, we are using Career development by Holland (1958)

For your information, there is a close relationship between personality and work environment choose by the individual. An individual will find a work environment that suits the personality itself.


Are you?..

Aggressive, likes to concrete things, like using physical force, less sociable

Suggested career path..

Skilled tasks such as plumbing, electrical, machine operators, mechanics, etc.


Are you?..

Intellectual, abstract, independent analysts, and service oriented. Less skill interpesonal.

Suggested career path..

Scientists, such as chemists, physics and metaphysics that use equipment.


Are you?..

Imaginative, selfishness, love of self expression through art

Suggested career path..

Arts such as engravers, painters, designers, musicians and others.


Are you?..

Like social interactions, take out social issues, community service and interest in educational activities.

Suggested career path..

Teacher education, administration, sociology of work, rehabilitation counselors and nurses


Are you?..

Good appearance, aggressive, likes to travel, like leadership, dominance, gentle, good communication skills

Suggested career path..

Managers, Officers production, marketing officer, sales manager, insurance


Are you?..

Practical, social control, conservative, structural, adhere to regulations

Suggested career path..

Clerks, librarians, receptionists

Sometimes we are uable to choose the right career path due to environtment and Job availablelity. Dont give up, you will find the right career soon. Insya Allah.

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